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Couple that Jeeps together keeps together! Meet Christina and Kyle, an adorable couple who have a lot in common!

How did you meet?

Christina: Kyle and I met through a mutual friend. Three years ago, I never would have pictured us where we are now. Though, now he is my best friend and teaches me about Jeeps and answers my 100 questions I ask about Jeeps on a daily basis.

Kyle: I met Christina through an old mutual friend of ours from high school, we started out just talking on Facebook. Then one day we decided to date and then next thing you know 3 years later we are still together doing our thing.

What is your favorite Jeep date?

Christina: Honesty, my favorite Jeep dates are when we go wheelin’ together because it involves only Kyle and I facing obstacles together. When we go wheeling’ it is like our time together. We both enjoy going wheeling more than we enjoy anything so it makes for the best dates for us.

Kyle: Well I don’t really have one specific favorite date honestly, every time we go wheeling does it for me. She’s like my co-pilot. I couldn’t go wheeling with out her, it just wouldn’t be the same.

What model/year is your Jeep?

Christina: I have a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Billet Silver.

Kyle: 2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, 2 door, all black.

Does your Jeep have a name? If so, what is the meaning behind it?

Christina: My Jeeps name is Nina. It rhymes with my name. The meaning is from from the song Cashin’ Out by Cash out ‘ridin’ around with that Nina.’ It was catchy to me and I felt like it fit for my Jeep.

Kyle: My jeep really doesn’t have a name at the moment, haven’t really thought of a good one yet. Just waiting for the right name to come along.

JeepDateWhen you go out together, whose Jeep do you take mostly and why?

Christina: When we go places we take Kyle’s Jeep on the weekends when we do things. For the purpose of, my Jeep is a daily driver and Kyle’s Jeep is a ‘weekend warrior’ since he has a company work van during the week.

Kyle: Well I have a company vehicle during week and she daily’s her JKU, so usually we just take mine around on the weekends. That ‘s usually the only time I get mine out the drive way other than when we go wheelin’ but if we have to take a long trip we’d probably take hers.

What’s your favorite trail and why?

Christina: I don’t have one specific trail that I enjoy. Any trails at Wishbone in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Windrock are my all time favorite places to wheel. The trails at Wishbone are insane. That is an awesome place for rock crawling. Of course, mostly everyone has heard of Windrock and how the views are breathe taking. I would advise everyone to go visit those places at some point in their wheeling’ adventures.

ChristinaandKyleJeepKyle:  Well, so far my favorite place to wheel is Wishbone Ranch out in Bowling Green, KY because it has a lot of natural rock terrain an gets kinda technical and I prefer rocks over mud anyway! Though recently, we started wheeling with a new group that goes wheeling at Windrock quite often in Oak Ridge, TN. They invited us out to wheel there.. Between the views of the mountains and the many trails they have that can go from mild to wild, I’d have to say its kinda hard to have ONE favorite trail or place I wheel at. I like to wheel at different places and different trails.

When did you discover your passion for the Jeep Life?

Christina: This is an interesting question. Never did I think I would own a Jeep, I just woke up one day, saw a Jeep Wrangler, and I wanted one. I had a mustang and wanted out of a two door car so I choose to buy a four door Jeep Wrangler. In which, was the best decision I have ever made.

Kyle: Well honestly owning a jeep never crossed my mind, I was always into building cars, having trucks to haul my dirt bikes and ATVs around. Then my dad bought a jeep so I decided I’d try a new hobby out.. So i bought a TJ. I added some typical mods to it, wheeled it a little, and got bored because I had no one to wheel with. I sold it bought another truck for my dirt bike but then later down road Christina bought her first jeep. I had a motocross accident and broke my collar bone so decided I’d get another jeep so she could enjoy it with me and not watch me breaking bones. I bought a jku got it how I wanted it. We got serious with wheeling and found some groups to ride with. I wanted a change so I sold the jku and I bought a jk. Now I’m hooked on jeeps more than I ever was.

Do you prefer mud or rocks, and why?

Christina: I prefer neither right no for the fact that my Jeep is a daily driver and it is not paid off yet, as I am still working on building my Jeep. BUT if I had to choose, I would definitly pick rocks. Rock crawling is so much more fun than join mudding to me. Rock crawling takes work, takes skills, and it is easier with two people.. A couple in our situation.

Kyle: I HATE MUD! Theres nothing about mud I find fun, it tears things up and you can never get it all off your jeep! I mostly stick to rocks, I just prefer rock crawling always have I like technical wheeling.

MoreJeepPicsWhat makes a Jeep girl/guy sexy/attractive?

Christina: A Jeep guy is attractive to me because they are into what I am into. It’s attractive to me when a guy doesn’t mind his girl wanting to know all she can about Jeeps, even working on them. Most Jeep guys are breaking things left and right- so obviously they get their hands dirty which means they aren’t pretty boys twenty-four seven.

Kyle: Well now a days, there are tons of girls with jeeps but the one thing that makes a real jeep girl stand out and is super attractive to me is the jeep girl that gets all dressed up and prissy when you see her out in town. But then will also help you work on yours/her jeep and wants to learn and work on her jeep, and of course, if she wants to go wheeling.. That’s the cherry on top!

Favorite social media Jeep outlet and why?

Christina: I am on Instagram and Twitter. I have not been a fan of Twitter in a while until I recently came upon the Jeep people on twitter that interact with on a daily basis. They are definitely my favorites for Jeeps.

Kyle: I don’t really have a favorite as of right now. I like just getting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and talking to anyone with a Jeep or any Jeep group I’m in.

Anything else we should know?JeepsandJeeps

Christina: I wanted to thank JeepedIn forgiving us the opportunity to be the first couple to be interviewed and to everyone who has taken the time to read this. Thank you all so much!

Kyle: Just wanted to say thank you for letting us be apart of your article as a jeep couple and I hope to meet more jeepers in the future! you can follow us at @reckless_jk @cfhiggins_ on instagram.

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