Hailey's Monster Jeep

Meet Hailey, a true Jeep lover and all-around cool Southern girl!

User Name: @haiisavvy

Do you own a Jeep? 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara – 2 door

What color is your Jeep? White

Haley's JeepDoes your Jeep have a name? If yes, what’s it’s name?  Nash

Is there a special meaning for the name? After Nashville, because I love it there!

Do Jeeps run in your family? Yes

Have you always loved Jeeps or did you discover them? I’ve always had an interest in jeeps!Hailey's Jeep You Got Grilled

The best part about being a Jeeper? Is being a part of the jeep family of course!

The hardest part about owning a Jeep? Always wanting to add more onto the jeep but not having the money to do it.

My dream JEEP would beI already have my dream jeep (:

I like to do all of the above: Rock crawl, Trail ride, Explore the open open road.

What is your fondest Jeep memory? Seeing my jeep get fully customized the exact way I wanted it to look like!Hailey's Jeepers

Besides Jeeping, what other things do you enjoy? Driving on dirt roads with the windows down, blaring country music 🙂

Welcome to the family!

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