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What have you done today?

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    it seems like people who buy a jeep make it art of their life. almost caring for it like a child to an extent. figured we could use a place where people can post what kind of work, upgrades, or repairs they have been doing on their jeep and maybe even anything they play on doing.


    Jim Phillips

    Hey Joey, I think you coined a new Jeep phrase, …”Art of Your Life”. The way everyone customizes their Jeep to suit their style, you’re very much on target with that phrase. Everyone’s Jeep is their personal work of art.
    I recently did some work to mine. It seems all my work goes unseen though. Last week I had to install a new radiator. Although no one comments “Hey! Nice radiator!” it does seem to run better. Well, maybe it’s my imagination….
    I searched the internet for advice on changing it out before I started doing it myself. There wasn’t much info out there. A couple of video’s on YouTube and bits and pieces in some Jeep Forums. I figured afterward that maybe others like me out there might like to know how easy it is to do yourself. I wrote a detailed guide and posted it to my personal site. Hopefully my next write up will be about making my own quick disconnects for my front sway bar. Here’s my write up.



    when i wrote that i didnt think anything of it, but it is a nice phrase haha. i know what ya mean! i just put on some helper spring that connect to your leaf springs to help stiffen up the old rear end. no one will ever see it but i dont care, it was a nice little project. that was a pretty nice write up! i plan on doing a new K&N cold air intake. i think when i get to it ill take step by step pictures and post them. i eed new rotors too but those are pretty easy but i still might do a combo write up with the break change and rotor replacement.


    Tammy Forsyth

    I like it… Art of your Life I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to “steal” this phrase, I’ll credit you. I think I will even coin a new hashtag … #JeepArt Unless it’s all ready out there. I will have to check!


    Renae D.

    Love it #Jeepart. I also think of tattoos when I think of Art. There are some cool tats out there from die hard Jeepers!



    Has anyone done any work lately? upgrades, replacements, additions? in the next few months in buying a lot of parts to replace.

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