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Meet Kevin McCarthy, Automotive Aficionado/Jeep Enthusiast and all around cool dude from North Carolina!

What is your current Jeep?

I currently drive a 2007 Unlimited Rubicon. Soft top with a 6-speed manual in Jeep Green Metallic. Rumor has it that it was the first 4 door Rubicon ordered in North Carolina. My wife has a 2013 Unlimited Sahara in Rock Lobster and my 4 year old daughter wheels a battery powered model in pink.

Kevin sells Jeeps!Does your Jeep have a name? If so, what is it?

My daughter named my Wrangler “Mr. Green Jeep.” What can I say? She is creative  😉

Why/how did you get into the Jeep Life?

I bought my 1st Wrangler – a 4 cylinder 1990 YJ with no A/C back in 1993. There is has been at least one Jeep in my driveway ever since.

You sell Jeeps – what is the best part of selling Jeeps?

My grandfather always told me that if you do something you love, the money will come. While I am still waiting for my big pay day, I certainly cannot complain about my job and the lifestyle that it provides. I have been selling Jeeps in a coastal community in Eastern NC since 2005. While it is always a blast to talk Jeep with folks that have had one forever, to me the coolest part of my job is helping someone new to the Jeep Community get their feet wet. It can be a little intimidating for folks that are purchasing their first Jeep so my goal is to help them keep things simple so that they are not overwhelmed.

We heard you make your new Jeep customers take the “Jeep Wave Pledge”. How do they respond to that?
Jeep Wave Pledge
They love it! And they get so excited when they wave and someone waves back.

Describe your dream off-roading adventure…

My dream off roading adventure would be to rent a motor home and tow my Rubicon cross country. That way my wife, daughter and dog – a rescue named “Wrangler” of course – could ride in comfort and we could check out the best trails nationwide. Of course, if anyone reading this works for a motor home company wants to underwrite this adventure in exchange for some blog posts and awesome video footage, please don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

Tell us about the Daily Topless Weather Report.

So the Daily Topless Weather Report came about 2 years ago. A fellow Jeeper shared a Jeep Weather App with me that had icons of a Wrangler with the top down, halfway up and fully up. The idea was that you could punch in your zip code and the app would tell you if you could safely put your top down or not. Great idea but grossly inaccurate. So the idea for the Daily Topless Weather Report was born. It ran daily – including Sundays and holidays – for a whole year. From July 27, 2013 until July 26, 2014 I never missed a day. The Daily Topless Weather Reports of the early days are painfully awkward to watch. But within a month or so they took on a life of their own and became super fun to make. It made a brief comeback this winter and is scheduled to return starting August 23, 2015 – #International Go Topless Day 

Visit to check them out!

Jeep Family SplitsWhat’s one thing your customers/followers may not know about you?

Great question! I love Jeeps and I really enjoy my family. I think it is pretty obvious that my wife Nikki and my little girl Leanna – a.k.a. “Lala” mean the world to me. They are incredibly supportive and fantastic ambassadors of the Kevin the Jeep Guy brand. But I think that one thing people might not know about me is my passion for using technology to communicate with Jeep Peeps in a way that is fun and not intrusive. I spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like interacting with folks from all over the world. My passion is sharing “The Jeep Life” with people and I look forward to further developing my website Moment


Thanks Kevin for sharing your story and your beautiful family with us! We love having you as part of the JI family!


  1. KevintheJeepGuy

    August 24, 2015 at 6:48 am

    This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be grilled!

    • Luisinho

      September 14, 2015 at 12:16 am

      You can get yourself a set of BFG Mud Terrains, Good Year MT, Cooper Discoverer MT, ProComp MT, there are many more to chosoe from. ,Also, 30 9.5R15 s will fit with no problems. 31/10.50LT15 will fit too but you will experience some fender rubbing on a flexy trail, the 30 s not as much. Of course your speedometer will be off (slower) by up to 6% due to the larger diameter tire. Meaning that if your speedometer is reading 55 MPH, your actual road speed will be about 52 MPH.


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