Classifieds & Events Terms of Service

Classifieds and Events submitted through JeepedIn are governed under the following Terms of Service.

    • Classifieds may be placed on, JeepedIn community social media channels, JeepedIn blog or JeepedIn audio network under the supervision and management of JeepedIn and MediaDogz, LLC.
    • Advertisers must be at least 18 years old to place a classified ad.
    • JeepedIn will reject any ad containing words, phrases or items it considers inappropriate or misleading.
    • JeepedIn will not post personal ads, or public or legal notices on Personal connections may be made through the Jeep Mingle not through the classifieds.
    • JeepedIn reserves the unconditional right to limit or refuse any ads submitted for publication.
    • JeepedIn assumes no liability, implied or otherwise, for the content that appears in these ads. All ads are presented “as is.”
    • JeepedIn is not responsible for typos, corrections or other modifications in any ad copy that is entered by an online or TV classified advertiser. The person placing the ad assumes full responsibility to ensure accurate presentation of advertising information.
    • Once posted, ads will run for 30 days – 90 days with the upgrade option. JeepedIn reserves the right to determine the run schedule of any ad, and may change the run schedule without notice.
    • JeepedIn reserves the right to cancel any ad without notice.
    • Multiple copies of any ad will not be published. Online classified ads may not be copied for republication, either online or on paper, without express permission from the Ad author.
    • JeepedIn reserves all rights to any and all online classified ad content published on
    • JeepedIn reserves the right to discontinue the online classified advertising service at any time.
    • JeepedIn reserves the unconditional right to limit or refuse any ads submitted for publication. JeepedIn reserves the right to refuse ads from parties who, in the judgment of JeepedIn agents, have violated the policies set forth in this policy statement.
    • By agreeing to use the service, any online user indicates agreement to abide by the policies as set forth in this policy statement, and furthermore releases JeepedIn from any liability or claims of damage as a result of using this service.


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